One Story…

I didn’t know the Kadish family prior to working with them, but I felt compelled to help.  In the 1960s, I had attended the same camp where Ethan was — the same camp that both of my daughters attended.

Ethan experienced a central nervous system accident.  And in my own training as a healer, I spent a great deal of time working in the nervous system.  Somehow, out of a clear blue sky, a lightning bolt traveled under the ground and struck him, leaving him severely brain damaged. Providing energy healing for him and his family just seemed like something I was meant to do.  His parents wanted to do everything possible for Ethan.  After meeting and interviewing me I became a part of Team Ethan.

I would visit Ethan in the hospital, and often he was crying in pain.   What I know from my training is that when a person’s energy field isn’t intact, medical healing is more difficult.  So for the first two months I sat at his feet, held them and attempted to pull the energy of the lightning strike out of his body.  After that initial period, the work of rebuilding Ethan’s energy field and the hands-on energetic work to support the healing of all of his body systems could begin.

I have learned from my teachers and from doing this work for many years that often progress builds slowly from the inside out.  I went to the hospital daily when I was in town. He couldn’t hold himself together energetically.  But over time, little by little, he started making small amounts of progress.

Thankfully, Ethan is now home with his family and is gradually showing more and more signs of improvement.  I have continued to provide Ethan with energy treatment to help facilitate his rehabilitation in physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Ethan now also receives chiropractic and acupuncture treatments which improve his recovery.  And his parents are grateful energy healing clients also.  They have experienced first hand the power of hands on healing to support them during this period since Ethan’s injury.

Ethan’s story is just one of the testaments that speaks to the power hands-on energy healing offers, but it’s particularly meaningful to me, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the benefits provided to both him and his family during a year of recovery.